About Us

EBDF was registered as a Non-Profit Company in —. Since its very beginning, the desire amongst its like-minded young and expert team of young individuals from diverse faithful backgrounds to contribute to serving the society and its vulnerable groups. Basically, EBDF is aimed to train the people-living beyond getting educational opportunity by ensuring advanced education system, to do a partnership works to solve the unemployment problem, educational development by imparting education to poor meritorious students. Besides, through the grass root advocacy and social initiatives, EBDF continue to help in training the new generation of youth entrepreneurs too. The philosophy of EBDF focuses on the society’s vulnerable community as its primary target to make them as the socio-economically important for the country in the long run. EBDF aim to illiteracy and unemployment reduction, lessening health and environmental problems, promote religious freedom and cultural diversity not as an exotic concept rather try to indigenize these ideas through local symbols.